So how did it all begin?


Like everyone, I started writing in school. I loved English Literature. Also like many, life became exciting as I left school and I was distracted by friends, love, money and moving out. This was followed by career and family. Before I knew it I had two children and had forgotten all about writing.

As I read bedtime stories to my two angels (I’m biased I know), I would sometimes think; I could write this. Then my interest grew and my convictions became stronger. I knew I could write a children’s story. Admittedly, there are some classic writers out there, Julia Donaldson’s work has become a brand, she is so talented. However, (in my humble opinion) there are also some very ¬†average books out there. I reasoned that I should try to write something that falls within the spectrum of average to genius, and see how it turned out.

That was the beginning.