The Unstoppable Naive Writer


After deciding to write a children’s picture book, I jumped in with great gusto. In the early days of January 2016, I had a story written. Easy! I knew I could do this. Then began the investigation into, how to get a story published. How hard can it be?

What do you do if you don’t know something? Google of course. I found a video clip on how to submit a manuscript to a publisher on YouTube. It showed me how to search for a publisher and how to find the submission guidelines, with lots of helpful tips. A point which was laboured, was the value of investing in a copy of The Children’s Writer’s and Artists Year Book. 


The book gave me an insight into all aspects of the publishing business. It also included great advice from respected authors, which was not only helpful, but encouraging and inspiring. I was hooked.

With great enthusiasm, I looked up the book publishers of the picture books my 4-year-old had on his bedroom shelves. I found their details and websites and their all important submission guidelines…there was no stopping me. 

I re-read my manuscript (no longer referred to as my “story”) checked the grammar, spelling, word count and drafted a covering letter. The on-line tips had advised sending the manuscript to 6 publishers. That’s exactly what I did.



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