What doesn’t kill you – Napowrimo 2017

This blog will be interrupted, by Napowrimo 2017


Due to an insane impulse to improve my poetry, I accepted the Napowrimo 2017 challenge. This means for the whole of April my blog will be taken up by publishing a poem per day.


Unfortunately, I hadn’t actually made the conscious connection between trying to improve my dire poetry and actually publishing it for the world to see, before accepting the challenge. When I filled out the form to join in I had imagined secreting my poems away for my eyes only.


What I have since realised is that I will show the www. how clunky I am from start to finish. It pays to read the small print. However, nothing ventured nothing gained, they say! 

I offer my apologies in advance to all the poets out there that I may offend as I stumble through. April will soon pass.


For anyone wanting to sacrifice their dignity in the same way, join me on www.napowrimo.net

To anyone wanting to help my quest of improving my poetic skills, feel free to leave comments on the poems. Any advice on improvements will be accepted gratefully and graciously.


6 thoughts on “What doesn’t kill you – Napowrimo 2017

  1. I can’t offer advice on improvements but I can read with great interest and comment so that you know someone is ‘listening’.
    I find your posts really interesting – for a newbie blogger these are very engaging, really well presented and very professional.
    Keep up the good work.
    Oh, and good luck with Napowrimo!!

    Liked by 1 person

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