Napowrimo Challenge: Day 18

The Prompt:  

Write a poem that incorporates neologisms. What’s that? Well, it’s a made-up word! Your neologisms could be portmanteaus (basically, a word made from combining two existing words, like “motel” coming from “motor” and “hotel”) or they could be words invented entirely for their sound.

My Response:


My partner threatens to smothercate me

He has a premeditated defence:

temporary mental incapacity

caused by sleep deprivation

as a direct result of

my deafening,

ground shaking,

window rattling



He hasn’t done it yet, he must love me.

“Smothercate” – verb -to suffocate by holding a pillow over the face


3 thoughts on “Smothercation

    1. I could start a whole debate on this topic; as it’s an innocent involuntary action, with no malicious intent to disturb the other, surely the one who is awake should go and sleep on the couch rather than wake up the snorer who is blissfully sleeping?

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