I’ve just got back from meeting my publisher…


I like to say that.

I will take every opportunity to say that.

I do not apologise for being ecstatic that I can say that!


During a very civilised conversation over a cup of tea at the fabulous Cloudberry Cafe, Marple, my publisher and I

(oops! I did it again) discussed the upcoming marketing strategy for my new book. 



I am so excited I may spontaneously combust – stand well back!

Talking for 2 hours about all things bookish, is an absolute pleasure. 


Watch this space over the coming weeks for details.

My face is literally aching from smiling so much.  

I will be ordering my own book from Amazon because I can.

I will be ordering my book from Waterstones because I can. 

Ouch! My cheeks hurt.


12 thoughts on “I’ve just got back from meeting my publisher…

    1. Hi Smitha, thank you, you are supporting me yet again 😀 I have to wait for the publisher to announce the Title before I tell anyone, but that should be early July. Then I’ll be able to share more information. It’s really exciting though. Thank you once again for the lovely message xxx

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      1. I feel as excited as you- do keep sharing your journey until it hits the shelves. Will wait for early July and will definitely buy 1. All the very best to you😘

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      2. Hi Nicola. Same here😊. I had no idea until I got it i.e. 2 days ago. Its a nice way to connect and encourage other bloggers. You tc.😊


  1. I do think I have a mild kind of lunacy. I haven’t slept since this meeting, The adrenaline is ever present at the moment 🙂 I’m glad you can share the excitement, because, as I always say, you are very much part of this book’s creation. Our meeting at the art gallery was one of those wonderful serendipitous moments. In fact had we not met, I would never have written the word serendipitous 🙂 🙂 🙂


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